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Dogs Swimming playing Colorado River Downtown Austin Texas

Bringing the city of Austin into your engagement photos is a great way to celebrate where you’ll be getting married. It’s also a beautiful (often free!) backdrop that can range from concrete jungle and graffiti to greenscapes that are private escapes from the rest of the world.

Our professional Austin wedding photographers shared some of their favorite places to shoot engagement photos around the city. No matter what your style, there’s something for everyone.


Downtown Austin has a lot of potential with it’s historic buildings, vibrant life and public artwork. Lots of couples take the opportunity to get a shot in front of famous signage like the Austin Texas sign at 6th Street and I-35. Congress and 6this also a popular spot since it’s the hub of downtown activity, and you can catch glimpses of the capital. Another option is to shoot in one of the many alleyways. That way you can avoid traffic and still get some interesting views of the Austin city life.

Texas Capital

Speaking of the Texas capital, the grounds always make a great photo op. The landscaping is meticulously maintained, and it’s definitely a landmark that is easy to recognize. There are some hidden gems both indoors and outdoors that professional photographers have scoped out. Consider shooting in/at:

  • The Congress and Senate chambers when they aren’t in session
  • The forum
  • The front steps
  • The artisan well drinking fountain
  • The atrium

The back side of the capital is another great location because it’s less busy than out front, and you can catch views of downtown.

Shoal Creek Greenbelt

Running below the roads of downtown you’ll find the Shoal Creek Greenbelt. The greenbelt starts way up around 35th Street, but the tucked away trails at the south end offer the best engagement photos. A creek bed runs alongside it and there’s greenery all around. Frame your shoots right and you’ll catch bits of the glittering downtown high rises. There’s also a beautiful iron bridge and rocky cliff sides near Shoal Creek Boulevard.

Lady Bird Lake Docks

There are a number of small docks jutting out into Lady Bird Lake that provide the perfect spot for capturing views of the water, Congress Bridge and downtown. Two of the best dock spots are:

  • The docks behind the AMLI South Shore off of East Riverside Drive.
  • On the north side of Lady Bird Lake near the Festival Beach Boat Ramp, also East of I-35.

Mount Bonnell

It’s a little bit of a hike, but the view at the top of Mount Bonnell is worth it. This is a remote location that gives the feeling you are on top of the world.

Long Center

Let the city be your backdrop! The pavilion at the Long Center is a popular spot because of the fantastic cityscape.

Til Death Do Us Part Mural

There are actually two til death do us part murals to choose from – one is on the side of the Mexic-Arte Museum on Congress and 4th Street, and the other is at the corner of 7th Street and Waller. If you want to send a powerful message about your commitment these murals fit the bill.

Umlauf Sculpture Garden

For an art-in-nature inspired shootthere’s no better spot than Umlauf Sculpture Garden. The partial tree coverage provides a variety of great lighting, and it’s relatively remote during the morning hours so you won’t have to deal with a lot of people. But do check the garden’s calendar to avoid times when classes are scheduled.

East 5th Railroad Tracks

If you’re going for off-the-beaten-path urban the old railroad tracks on East 5th Street and East 6th Street are ideal. It’s a subtle way of incorporating Austin’s old roots with the new life that has been injected into the east side. There are also great views of downtown from the tracks and a variety of graffiti artwork.

Dunvegan Keep

If you want it to look as if you took your engagement photos in a magical garden, Dunvegan Keep is not to be missed. It’s a popular spot for weddings because of its picturesque landscape, which includes a castle-like rotunda and stone walls framed by moss draped oak trees.The private location does come at a cost – $125 for two hours.

SoCo Sidewalks

For an authentic Austin feel there’s no better location than South Congress. The street is lined with vibrant local shops, trailer park eateries and great views of downtown from the right angle. The ‘I love you so much.’ mural is also on the side of Jo’s on South Congress.

Butler Park

Ponds, fountains, panoramic views of downtown – you can get it all at Butler Park. It’s right beside the Long Center so you can easily get both locations in one photo shoot. Driving down Riverside you may have noticed the huge hill in Butler Park, which is one of the best spots in town for getting the cityscape in the background.

1840 Events has a team of Austin wedding photographers that can help you find the perfect spot for your engagement photos. Contact us today to learn more about our affordable photography packages!

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