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The first glimpse that most guests will get of the soon-to-be married couple comes in the engagement photos. It’s an expression of your love, relationship and the upcoming nuptials. The skill of your wedding photographer is important, but so is your outfit.

What you wear in your engagement photos is a reflection of what you’re feeling inside now that you’re marrying the love of your life. We’ve asked our team of professional photographers for ensemble advice, and here are their top tips.

Wear What Makes You Comfortable

The number one rule for any photography session is wear what makes you feel comfortable. When you feel constricted or self-conscious in what you’re wearing it will certainly come through in the photos. Your engagement photos should feel relaxed and natural rather than forced. That means taking the location and weather into consideration as well.

Have Fun With You Wedding Color Palette

If you’ve already decided on the color scheme for the wedding go ahead and incorporate it into your engagement photo outfit. It’s a great way to start playing around with the colors and tying everything together.

Watch Out for Stark White

White is crisp, clean, and screams bridal. But it can also be difficult to photograph in certain lighting. If you’re set on wearing white keep the fabric soft so it’s easier to shoot.

Steer Clear of Heels in Rustic Locations

If you plan to shoot your engagement photos out in a rustic or off the beaten path location you may want to skip the heels. They’ll just make it more difficult to get around and take up time when you want to make every minute count. Instead consider a color pair of cowgirl boots or wedges.

Coordinate Outfits . . . to a Certain Extent

You want to make sure you’re on the same page as your significant other as far as the style of clothing that will be worn. You don’t have to be completely matchy, matchy, but do decide beforehand how formal the attire will be and whether you want to wear similar colors. Planning ahead you can also artfully contrast one another. If he wears a suit in a neutral color she can wear a bright colored dress that pops.

Dress for the Shots

Want to run down an alley in your photo session? Definitely want a shot of the groom picking up the bride-to-be? If you know you want to get certain shots keep that in mind when you’re picking out your engagement photo wardrobe so there are no embarrassing malfunctions. If you plan to take a number of close ups the small details from the chest up can make a huge difference.

Focus on One Core Outfit

You’ll only have so much time during the photo session, and every outfit change will decrease the amount of photos that get taken. That’s why it’s highly suggested to narrow it down to just one outfit. If you just can’t decide keep the change as simple as possible. For example, just changing a top, which can be done in a few minutes.

Busy Prints + Simple Silhouettes

Wearing a bold print can work well in certain locations, but you want to keep the silhouette simple. That way it doesn’t get too over-the-top and busy.

Avoid Flashy Jewelry

If you want the engagement ring to stand out keep your other jewelry simple. This is also a good idea if a flash is going to be used during the photography session since bling can sometimes catch the light a little too well.

Shy Away From Head-to-Toe Solid Color

Solid color is great for photography, but you don’t want to go overboard. If you plan to wear a dress in a solid color use your accessories to add in another hue. Also make sure the groom wears something complimentary but not exactly the same so your outfits don’t blend together or look super staged.


Engagement photos are a great way to get to know your wedding photographer and get everything picture perfect for the big day. At 1840 Events we can help you find an Austin wedding photographer that fits your style perfectly and an affordable package that includes an engagement photography session. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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