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A growing number of couples are choosing to forgo the traditional summer wedding season for the fall and winter. Fall in particular is growing in popularity in areas like Texas where the summer months can be scorching hot. Another bonus of having a fall or winter wedding – you could save money on venues and service providers.

The season will affect just about every aspect of your wedding including the color scheme. Our color aficionados have come up with six primary color schemes that will work beautifully in the fall and winter wedding seasons.

Royal Purple, Amethyst Orchid & Rose Gold

This romantic color combination is the perfect way to bring in feminine hues while still playing off seasonal colors. Amethyst Orchid was the top shade on Pantone’s fall 2015 color list. It adds a nice pop against the dark purple and unexpected metallic hue.

Tiffany Blue, Marsala & Ivory

For a fall or winter wedding with a classic feel, the blend of Tiffany blue, marsala and ivory will work well. Marsala, a soft maroon, is one of the darker colors on Pantone’s Fall 2015 color list. It balances the delicate, bright blue hue, both of which are balanced by creamy ivory colors. These three colors also work well with a wide variety of accent colors that are both brighter and darker.

Olive, Canary Yellow & Champagne

Vibrant yet subdued, this mix of colors shows off fall colors in a new way. The champagne adds a touch of sophistication that keeps the palette adult but fun at the same time. If you plan to have your wedding in a non-traditional venue like a barn this color combination will make a fantastic selection.

Mint, Soft Silver & Cocoa

Mixing these three colors is a great way to incorporate that softer greens and rich browns of the fall season. Cool and warmly rich at the same time, the green and brown combo is a great option for weddings with a natural or rustic theme. Add glistening candles and this color scheme also works beautifully for an outdoor winter wedding.

Sage, Charcoal & Winter White

This is a great color combo for a winter wedding that’s around the holidays. It’s a nod to the colors you find around Christmas without being literal. The extremely classy palette can be dress up with metallic or spiced up with a few bright secondary colors.

Ocean Blue, Cream Rose & Pewter

Whether you choose flat or metallic pewter these three colors have a soft beauty. The slightly teal ocean blue is deep yet vivacious against the gentle cream rose and pewter. The pale, icy hues will go well with the Hill Country winter setting.


Add two additional accent colors to personalize any of the color schemes above and you’re ready to start putting the wedding décor together. All that’s left is to find a professional Austin wedding photographer that can accurately capture the colors in all their glory. Connect with a photographer that fits your personality and style at 1840 Events!


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