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Mixed pastel roses


From the bouquet to floral arrangements on the table, flowers are an essential part of a wedding celebration. They help tie your whole theme together and add a pop of beautiful vibrancy. Fortunately, droughts and torrential rain hasn’t deterred Austin’s best florists from creating one-of-a-kind floral designs, including pieces with local plants.

Mercedes Flowers

Best For: Roses

Romantic is the best way to describe what Mercedes Flowers does best. If roses are in order, this florist will show you how truly remarkable the flower can be. You also can’t beat the customer service of Mercedes Flowers. They seem to be able to create miracles and never once do they waver from pleasing their customers.

Blackbird Floral

Best For: Loads of Vibrant Color

The name of this florist is totally misleading, because boy do they know how to use color. Blackbird Floral isn’t afraid to go bright with a variety of flowers in one arrangement. The artful use of color comes from head florist Lea’s experience as an artist. It seems like it would be too much, but it’s nothing short of spectacular. They also make ordering and delivery a snap with online tools and text communication. Blackbird Floral is worth it just for the stress-free experience.

Petals, Ink

Best For: Fine Details

Petals, Ink proves you don’t have to go big to get beautiful boutiques and flower arrangements. It’s all the small details that go into each piece that make just a few flowers stand out. Florist Gretchen also isn’t afraid to think outside of the box and blend ideas together. Another big plus is that she will use her small-scale abilities to work with just about any budget without sacrificing quality.

Exquisite Petals

Best For: Big Events

The florists at Exquisite Petals specialize in event arrangements – meaning they can handle big jobs and share insights that you may not be considering. When you need numerous large flower arrangements and have no experience with floral design, Beth and her team will handle everything for you.

Bouquets of Austin

Best For: Personal Assistance and Set Up

Bouquets of Austin can do it all from simple and traditional to over-the-top, never before seen combinations. They do it all from archways to flower petals on the walkways to the bride’s bouquet. One thing that Bouquets of Austin does that you won’t find with every florist is personal set up at the wedding venue. They will come out and place everything perfectly instead of just delivering the flowers.

Pollen Floral Art

Best For: Unique Designs

When you want to do something totally unexpected with your flowers Pollen Floral Art is the go-to florist. Florists Brooke and Jennifer will take succulents and blend them with bright tulips, and somehow they look like they sprung up from the earth together. The best part is this creativity can be drummed up quickly to help couples on a tight deadline.


The floral arrangements may not last forever, but the memories will live on when you have an Austin wedding photographer to capture it all. 1840 Events can help you find a photographer that will fit your style just as well as your bouquet. Contact us online to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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