With any wedding comes plenty of planning and lots of questions. Our goal is to make your wedding photography not only stress-free but an enjoyable process. With that in mind, we’re answering the essential questions for you right here on the FAQ page.
It’s been two weeks since the wedding and we can’t wait to see the photos. Are they ready?

We had to take a little time to recover from all the fun, and we’re still hard at work in the editing room. We give ourselves around 6-10 weeks to perfect your pictures and upload them into your online viewing gallery. As soon as everything is ready we’ll send you a link to your gallery via email.

Will we get all of the edited, high-resolution photos?

You certainly will! All of our wedding packages include a CD or DVD with all of your high-resolution, edited images.

Do you take formal family photos at the wedding? I don’t see examples of these on your website.

If you would like formal photos of your family after the ceremony our photographers are happy to oblige. Typically, we don’t post that style of photography online out of respect for your family’s privacy.

What do we need to secure our date?

In order to set your date in stone, you’ll need to send back your signed contract and payment for 50% of the total event fees. The remainder of the payment will be due two weeks before your big day.

What do you suggest that we wear during our engagement photography session?

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable. Our photographers care more about capturing your love for each other rather than making it a fashion photography session. We advise against wearing heels since your feet most likely won’t be in the picture, and heels may not be convenient for the location you choose. To make the most of the time you have, we suggest that you plan to wear a single outfit. If you really want to switch things up bring a different top to change into instead of an entire ensemble.

Can we upload our wedding photos to social media sites once we receive the CD/DVD?

With our photography services you get the right to reprint or post the photos for personal use in whatever way you like without paying extra. Of course, we greatly appreciate when our work is cited.

What kind of photography equipment do you use?

Our photographers use a variety of high quality DSLRs and digital cameras based on their style and the photography that you prefer. If you are interested in film photography please let us know.

Do you provide all of the unedited wedding photos?

During a wedding hundreds (if not thousands) of pictures are taken. Unfortunately, not all of them are winners. To make things a lot less time consuming on our brides and grooms, we delete all of the awkward closed-eye and nose itching shots. But you’ll get plenty of great shots that are sure to keep you busy.

Can you tell me how many photos of the wedding we will receive?

We can give you a good estimate, but that largely depends on the package purchased. No matter what, you’ll get a minimum of 50 shots from engagement and bridal portraits. You can expect to get at least 400 shots from your wedding day, but don’t be surprised if we send you more.

How many hours do you work on the wedding day?

That all depends on the package you choose. The Platinum Package provides 8 hours of coverage, the Gold Package provides 6 hours of coverage and the Sterling Package provides 4 hours of coverage.

What do you charge for a sitting fee?

We offer services as a package or a portrait session rather than charging a sitting fee. For more on our prices, please visit the Packages and Pricing page.

Can you put together wedding albums?

Albums can be created, however, they typically take at least three months to complete. If you are interested in a custom photo album just let us know!

Do you travel to weddings?

We take the time to consider who you are as a couple, the photography style you prefer and your wedding location before pairing you with the perfect photographer. Most of the time there’s no need for travel since our extensive network has talented photographers that are within a short drive.

How far in advance should we book our photographer?

We always suggest that clients book a photographer at least 6-12 months book the wedding. However, it’s best to secure your photographer as soon as you have the venue booked. If your wedding is less than six months away you can always check with us to see if there’s a photographer available.

Will the photographer have an assistant with them on our wedding day?

Our wedding day photography service includes two photographers that are snapping away the entire time. That way we can cover more angles and get twice as many shots no matter which package you choose.

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