About Us


1840 Events is a team of professional wedding photographers in Austin, TX that believe every couple deserves wedding photos that commemorate and celebrate one of the greatest moments in life.It’s an experience that should be enjoyed at every stage instead of stressed about for months.

Our wedding photographers may have distinct shooting styles but exemplary service is always guaranteed.

We understand that generic, forced photos don’t reflect the true love that inspired your wedding day. Each bride and groom is paired with a wedding photographer that takes the time to learn your story and understands how to visually represent what you mean to each other.

Your love story influences every picture we take and how every moment is captured.

We’re romantics that believe in the hope that is born from true love. Weddings are a way to share that love with the people that matter most in life. And photographs are the only way to keep those memories alive for future generations. But it’s more than simply taking pictures. It’s the love notes that express feeling and capture raw, intimate emotions. It’s a documentary of the best of times and a new beginning.

Wedding photography makes one of the most special days of your life last for all eternity.We are honored to share that experience with you and to capture the memories you want to share forever.

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